All World Game Chain

Global Decentralized Development Platform for Game Public Chain


The first rapid application development tool designed on the base of the basic public chain in the world

AWGC is the first rapid application development tool designed on the base of the basic public chain in the world, which reshapes the systematic framework of chess and card games and competitive leisure games with the decentralized concept, realizes the replacement of virtual assets between different products, and creates a global decentralized ecological community for chess and card games as well as competitive games .

About AWGC

AWGC Community

The AWGC community is a decentralized smart contract community based on hash and random.The AWGC is the foundation of the whole community’s game, application, prize-wining guessing activity and game token exchange. 
The AWGC community includes:


The developer can be just the developer or the organizer of the product developed by himself/herself. The developer can earn token by the frequency of using the product developed by himself/herself. Besides, developers can quickly bring their product to be launched online in various countries and regions of the world by way of different organizers through AWGC community.


Organizer is the product operator, and the organizer can not only transfer the products of AWGC community to use, but also guide the users on AWGC platform to participate ( in the related activities), and invoke the chess and card game, competitive game and enterprise according to the policies of each country and region.


The participant will have a trust score that can be linked to the participant’s AWGC address, and the trust mechanism is the necessary requirement to allow the technician to receive a higher reputation. The trust mechanism will also protect the technician and verifier from the influence resulting from poor design or fraudulent requests.

The consensus of AWGC

The consensus of AWGC needs all nodes to vote to collect a certain number of tokens. The decentralized AWGC consensus makes the application launched more credible. Developers can complete the development of the application by raising a certain number of tokens by AWGC consensus. AWGC token will become the token that is the standard of all token exchange. AWGC community will set up token exchange in game’s vertical field.

The growth of AWGC

The growth of AWGC can bring token benefits to developers, organizers as well as participants. The total amount of AWGC token is 1 billion. With the continuous consumption of community applications, it can bring benefits to developers as well as organizers, at the same time, the rise in value could also be brought to the participants.

Values of AWGC

Our two projects CoinIMP and WEB are going to create full ecosystem for webmasters to monetize on their websites, breaking Google Adsense and Facebook ads monopoly.

To Developers

Direct access to participants
Product’s copyright and credit problems
Reduction of fund-raising cost

To Organizer

The decentralization of blockchain technology
Quickly establish mutual trust
Quickly obtain products and applications

To Participants

They can actively obtain AWGC
Jointly make new rules
Participants are both consumers and investors

To AWGC Platform

Establishment of new order
Brand Effect
User Scale Effect

The Implementation of AWGC Application

The strategic partner’s trade scenario’s international version that is about to launch will all use AWGC as the only currency of settlement

Globalization of AWGC

tokens can enter AWGC exchange, the tokens exchange concerning the game’s subdivision field will attract more professionals and enthusiasts to gather in the community, so as to perfect all the subdivision field of ecology.


With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.

Decentralized and ASIC-Resistant

ASICs are machines created for the sole purpose of cryptocurrency mining while rapidly increasing the block difficulty over time; turning mining for regular devices users unprofitable. Since ASIC operators sell coins to pay for expenses, they also drive coin prices down.

Fair distribution. CPU minable

By making Webchain CPU mineable, we make sure that everyone can mine it. Neither ASICs nor GPU miners will have big advantages over CPU miners. We believe such distribution of coins is much more beneficial for the community.

Secure DApps from any device

With Webchain, It’s possible to use resources of Internet of Things or any device that can render JavaScript to mine.

Deployment Plan

AWGC is the distributed-based data underlying platform that is constructed by the way of wisdom contract, intelligent contract deployment is in the public-owned chain, the data on the blockchain have entire network consensus, and it has the feature of being unable to be tampered. As a public-owned chain, anyone can develop their own applications in AWGC while accepting the audit system of AWGC Developer Alliance based on consensus mechanism. With the rapid development of the practical application, the AWGC will adopt double chain model, and design a set of decentralized system accounts with the combination of the public chain with league chain, while AWGC is the blood that circulates throughout the community

White Paper

Road Map

March2017 – February2018

 In March 2017, the project was launched to start the preliminary investigation, conceptual design, commercial resource exploration and necessary early verification;

The white paper was officially launched in February 2018; 

May2018 – August2018

In May 2018, the development of wallet, mining procedure, blockchain browser and mine pool was completed;

Start mining in August 2018; simultaneously start wallet, blockchain browser as well as mine pool;


In December 2018,officially develop and dock a number of chess and card games, where game props can be purchased directly by using AWGC coins (tokens) obtained from mining;

March2019 –June2019

In March 2019, AWGC will start the exchange listing plan, and initially plan to register two or three exchanges;

In June 2019 AWGC will hold a developer conference to support excellent DAPP developers.